The Importance of a Password Management Policy

The importance of a password management policy solution should be obvious.  Even the smallest companies or organizations expect a password policy in place.  Active Directory allows you to set password policies depending on what the company demands.

What is a Password Policy?

Wikipedia defines a password policy as a set of rules designed to enhance computer security by encouraging users to employ strong passwords and use them properly.

The simplicity of passwords is what often leads to breaches, hacking and security problems.  A complex password prevents these breaches.

Still, enforcing the policy needs to be a priority, starting with a strong password.  If users create weak passwords because a poor policy allows for it, then users open up the company to threats.

The company has limited guidelines for the company password policy if users have weak passwords.  So, one can appreciate how this furthers the likelihood of additional breaches within the organization.

The first step to a strong password policy in Active Directory is stipulating guidelines on passwords (length, duration, numbers, non-alphanumeric, etc.) through windows server administration.  However, enforcing a complex, secure password may be challenging, since passwords are often forgotten.  Web Active Directory’s PeoplePassword resets users passwords.

PeoplePassword Helps Reset Passwords.

PeoplePassword provides you the opportunity to reset the complex passwords based on your password policy and the ability to enforce it without the burden of always taking calls.  The solution empowers your users with an intuitive self-service password management solution. Complete control is given to IT on which users are authorized to reset their passwords (once they are enrolled and have answered a set of challenge questions that you choose), change their passwords, and unlock their accounts. Because of this, the Help-Desk can optionally help users reset their passwords, change passwords, unlock accounts, etc.

Finally, instituting Multi-factor authentication, supported in PeoplePassword, adds additional security checkpoints in resetting passwords.

Contact an account manager to learn more how our software can help you with the password policy in your organization.

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