Active Directory Provisioning with PowerShell: Extensibility and Power without Costly Implementation (Part 1 of 4)

Too often, software companies want absolute control of their black box of intellectual property (IP). These companies only want extensibility and customizability if it means more revenue from implementation services. A few companies in our space have even developed their own scripting languages to make customers pay for more services or training to learn yet another proprietary language technology.

We take a much different approach in our software efforts. Our new platform leverages Microsoft’s PowerShell technology to empower system engineers and administrators to extend applications using technology they already understand. We want to keep our solutions easy to deploy, a cinch to maintain and a snap to extend to meet new and ever-changing business needs. While other software companies catch the fish for you and then sell them at a costly markup we prefer to teach you to fish using a platform that you know and use on a regular basis.

PeopleProvision—WebAD’s first application built on our new PowerShell-enabled platform—allows you to delegate and automate Active Directory account and Exchange mailbox creation. PowerShell provides the heavy lifting and you get the benefit of access to the PowerShell source code so you can extend PeopleProvision’s behavior to meet the business requirements of your organization.

Over the next three blog posts, we will examine how PeopleProvision and its accompanying PowerShell toolkit empower you to take control of your provisioning and de-provisioning processes with a minimum of costly software licensing and implementation costs. We look at the PeopleProvision solution itself in more detail in Part 2 tomorrow and then delve into the secrets of a small implementation in Part 3 the next day. Finally, we teach you to fish in Part 4 by linking the PowerShell specifics to the PeopleProvision front end.

Join us for our journey through PeopleProvision and learn how you can automate and delegate your account provisioning and de-provisioning at an affordable cost of money, time and effort.


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