Identity Management to Increase Organizational Efficiency

Are You Increasing Organizational Efficiency?


Technology is expected to increase efficiency for organizations. But for many companies however, how to use technology to actually increase efficiency in a practical way isn’t always understood. This is especially true when it comes to provisioning and deprovisioning users.  Good identity and access management ensures people can access resources that they need to do their job and no more.

IT often carries the burden of provisioning new users by methods such as emails, phone calls or even paper forms.  Operating in this kind of disorganized, error prone environment creates inefficiencies that lead to security concerns.  These same concerns apply to deprovisioning.  A terminated user still having access to classified systems is alarming but unfortunately common in some organizations.

Manually provisioning and deprovisioning users is slow and cumbersome, if not impossible.  It takes valuable resources from more important projects.  Surprisingly we still find organizations that operate using these manual processes.

Web Active Directory’s User and Group provisioning solutions resolve this burden, creating efficiency, reducing errors, and increasing security in the process.  The web is used to shift the burden of data-entry away from IT empowering IT with full control and visibility.  This allows for IT focus on other projects.

Check us out further if you are looking to increase efficiency in the following manner:

  • Automate directory user, contact, group, and computer creation from very simple (configurable) web forms or in bulk from programs like Excel and/or databases.
  • Simple user provisioning from web form and/or bulk import automates the creation of accounts in Active Directory and over 2,000 other cloud-based systems.
  • De-provisioning people and resources in an automated fashion.
  • Run bulk provisioning manually or hands free on a scheduled basis.
  • Simple configurable forms and input sets translate into clean, full entries in Active Directory and other systems.  Use business rules to translate input data into results the way you want them.

Web Active Directory is continuing its efforts to provide the best IAM solutions in the market, but we are cognizant that companies need to understand what their needs are before technologies can actually increase efficiency.

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