October Update on RIM, BlackBerry, BES and Microsoft Office 365

I’ve been keeping tabs on when RIM will support its new BlackBerry Enterprise Service (BES) for hosted Exchange on Microsoft Office 365, officially called BlackBerry Business Cloud Services for Microsoft Office 365. In my mid-August post, it looked like we would see the release sometime in Q4, although I was skeptical at the time that RIM would hit the Q4 date. Looks like my skepticism was warranted after all.

I hadn’t seen much more on the topic until I saw an article yesterday from ZDNet along with an announcement from Microsoft about a SharePoint client. This information, the most accurate to date, pegs the final release date in January 2012. A beta program begins this month, though, and you can get more information about participating in the beta from the Office 365 blog.

I’m pleased to see this encouraging step and our organization plans to participate in the beta. Drop a note in the comments here and let us know your experience as we end up waiting more than seven months between the O365 launch and BlackBerry synchronization.

Make sure you go to http://www.blackberry.com/beta/businesscloud and nominate your organization for this service before you set up your Office 365 accounts with BlackBerry Business Cloud Services.

Review the article at http://www.amintavakoli.com/2011/09/blackberry-bes-for-office-365.html for more info about setting up Office 365 with the service.

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