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Active Directory Password Reset Tool

A bottleneck that happens with many help desk technicians is resetting forgotten passwords for users. Too often this becomes a routine action that takes precious time from more important activities and functions of help desk personnel. Magnifying the bottleneck is password reset tickets need to be addressed immediately to prevent employee inefficiency. Ironically, this makes

Beyond SMS for Two-Factor or Multi-Factor Authentication

Highly publicized problematic incidents with using SMS or text messages for two-factor authentication have recently surfaced.  PeoplePassword, Web Active Directory’s password management solution which is part of its PeoplePlatform suite,  allows you to go beyond SMS for two-factor or multi-factor authentication with its partnership with Twilio and Authy. The Problem with SMS In 2016, Wired

Self-service Web-based Password Reset for Active Directory

Self-service Web-based Password Reset for Active Directory reduces calls to helpdesks.  Reducing unwanted help desk calls provides verifiable ROI and allows users to avoid lengthy calls to reset their passwords.  Choosing the correct password reset solution is important in attaining ROI.  Web Active Directory’s PeoplePassword is an easy deployable self-service password reset solution.  Users can

The Importance of a Password Management Policy

The importance of a password management policy solution should be obvious.  Even the smallest companies or organizations expect a password policy in place.  Active Directory allows you to set password policies depending on what the company demands. What is a Password Policy? Wikipedia defines a password policy as a set of rules designed to enhance

Password Management Increases Efficiency and Security

In a previous post, we talked about increasing organizational efficiency around provisioning and deprovisioning users.  Deploying a password reset solution is also important in this regard.  The delegation of resetting passwords or unlocking accounts via identity and access management solutions allows users safely to reset passwords with limited or no IT involvement.  Reducing calls to

Self-Service Password Reset for Local Accounts

The name of our company, of course, is Web Active Directory. The implication here is perhaps that we only work with Active Directory technologies. We often get the question as to whether our password reset functionality contained in our IISADMPWD Replacement Tool will also work with local accounts.  . The answer is a resounding yes,

Password Expiration versus Account Expiration

This week we had a question about IISADMPWD Replacement Tool functionality. In testing, the user successfully used the ChangePassword application to change their password that had expired when trying to access a protected web application.  The answer involved the difference between password expiration and account expiration. As a part of the testing, the user had

Website Password Protection with IISADMPWD Replacement

IT organizations on the Microsoft platform use .NET’s ability to use both Active Directory integrated authentication as well as authentication with usernames and passwords stored on the local machine to secure their websites and web applications. Password management becomes a big problem whether the accounts are coming from an Active Directory server on the domain

Active Directory Password Reset Versus Password Change

We often get questions from customers about password resets and changes in Microsoft Active Directory when the customer wants to know why password reset operations ignore certain Active Directory password policy settings like minimum password age. Web Active Directory products like PeoplePassword and IISADMPWD Replacement Tool both support password changes while only PeoplePassword supports password

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Web Active Directory Releases Replacement for Microsoft IISADMPWD for Windows IIS7

We officially launched our Microsoft IISADMPWD Replacement Tool today. Our simple solution addresses several issues with previous versions of IISADMPWD and allows you to delegate Windows password changes for web applications running on IIS 7 and later. The new solution provides lots of value to allow users to self manage passwords. You can get more

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