An Open Letter to RIM (Research In Motion)

I have a Blackberry. Yes, I’m old school. And I’m in a hard place right now since we switched to Office 365. O 365 has no support for any RIM synchronization services like calendar and contacts. You can’t even pay RIM’s normal exorbitant fees for these services now. We’re waiting on a promise from RIM to make us pilgrims happy. RIM, we’re still here until our contracts are up! And you can see from the following graphic where you’re heading in the near future. Hello Palm OS World!

BlackBerry is going the wrong way

BlackBerry is going the wrong way

Here’s the best part of my story…as I was writing this and had already submitted my inquiry to my best friends at RIM I received the following reply. I’m sure I’m the dumbest piece of crap user RIM has ever had so it’s okay…I consider it crap service and I’m done when my contract is up soon. Hey RIM…welcome to NapsterLand!

The Email and the Auto-Reply

I sent a note to RIM to ask for some help w/ Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES) for our new Office 365 plan w/ Microsoft. I received an auto-reply to the (obviously incorrect) email address. It’s nice to see such a personalized auto-reply! Why the hell would I expect real help from that address? I must be a buffoon! My original request is at the bottom of the message. Perhaps I used too many multi-syllabic words?

Thanks Blackberry Message!

Thank you for contacting BlackBerry Technical Support. The email you submitted has not been delivered. Please find many alternative support options below.

Are you a BlackBerry Partner or Carrier?

If you are a BlackBerry Partner or Carrier and have a carrier code please contact your partner Support Account Manager as you incorrectly received this message.

Self-Help Options:

BlackBerry Technical Solution Center. All BlackBerry smartphone users have free access to the BlackBerry Technical Solution Center a repository of support information and documentation, with enhanced search capabilities. Easily search for and find the BlackBerry support information you need.  (

BlackBerry Answers.  The mobile web site that is like having your own technical support team at your fingertips. Accessible right from your BlackBerry smartphone at, just type in a question to get step-by-step instructions that should solve the problem. (Note: BlackBerry Answers is compatible with all BlackBerry smartphones carrying a series number of 8000 and higher).

BlackBerry Support Community Forums.  Get your questions answered, and participate in discussions on BlackBerry products and services. Visit the BlackBerry Community Support Forum to get started.

Flickr Picasa Facebook and Instant Messaging Applications. If you require assistance with one of our free social networking applications, please feel free to use our online web form to submit technical issues directly to BlackBerry Technical Support at your convenience.  (

Are you already a BlackBerry Technical Support Services subscriber?

If you have a technical support services subscription, you may contact us through our online web form ( If your BlackBerry smartphone has been provided to you by your company, please contact your IT help desk for assistance.

All other BlackBerry smartphone users are encouraged to use one of the following options:

– Contact your Wireless Service Provider. Your service provider fields general questions and provides technical support for BlackBerry related issues and can act as your first point of contact.

– Subscribe to an annual based BlackBerry technical support program. BlackBerry Technical Support Services offers 24×7 technical support and BlackBerry Enterprise Server software upgrades. If your technical support subscription has expired, or you would like to learn more about this option, copy and paste the following URL into your address bar: (

Obtain Pay-Per Incident Support from Research In Motion (RIM). Receive fee-based support directly from RIM, the manufacturer and wireless experts for the BlackBerry solution. If you would like to learn more about this option, please copy and paste the following URL into your address bar:  (

Jason’s Message to RIM

I'm in no hurry and neither are you. I just wanted to let you know that I'm not a Mac fan for the most part but my co-workers are going to convince me to switch. In the meantime, I control our infrastructure and we're stuck on Exchange, which I love, especially the familiarity with the Outlook client. Another great idea I paid for over the last several years was the integration with the revolutionary Blackberry mobile device. Unfortunately, the Exchange integration that RIM pioneered for mobile devices blows goats these days. Now Steve Jobs is your daddy. This sucks for me!

I have one big problem right now. We recently switched to Office 365 (based on my recommendation) from our previous Exchange provider and all my bragging about BlackBerry Enterprise Server and the benefits it provides is now up in smoke. My iPhone co-workers give me crap because a Microsoft provider like Blackberry can't even provide a *paid* service for O365 much less the free service offered in the middle of March. My co-workers use some weird antiquated *free* technology called ActiveSync (even for the!) to keep their email, calendar and contacts up to date. Guess what my reward is for being a Blackberry via IMAP! Yeah! This was awesome six years ago! My co-workers are *so* jealous!

I have a workaround at  Everyone should be so lucky as to get daily text message reminders for their daily calendar. Some people (non-Blackberry customers mainly) use this silly ActiveSync technology to synchronize the data they already own. They cheat and get reminders to their phone during the day...what losers!

Thank you for your interest in my story. I know you're an intern reading this for the summer and I hope you get great experience w/ RIM and that the fall semester goes well. The RIM company will soon be written into the archives alongside the cigarette companies but won't it be a great opportunity to intern. Make sure you take advantage of the free hors d'oeuvres at the next company gathering.

Have a great day!

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