What’s Your Business Priority?

I learned a wee dram of business wisdom early in my professional career that always intrigues me in its simplicity and power. Every business has three primary stakeholders that drive its behavior: shareholders, customers and employees. Every business has to make a decision to prioritize these stakeholders. Every business establishes its reputation and future based on its stakeholder prioritization.

Our business prioritizes the following way:

  1. Employees
  2. Customers
  3. Shareholders

What does that mean for us at Web Active Directory? It means we value our employees above all else. Happy employees lead to productive business outcomes and pleased customers. Customers naturally follow as a priority since we have happy employees who are proud of our products and become zealots about what we do for our customers. Finally, shareholders—including company owners as well as other investors—fall into place because a company with happy employees and pleased customers leads to a positive outcome for shareholders.

How does your company prioritize its stakeholders? How do the businesses you frequent prioritize their stakeholders? I bet you’ll find the ones who value their employees the most please you the most.

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