Great Resources for Adding Favicons to your Website

We recently launched a refreshed website for our company at Part of our efforts included ensuring we made the site as user friendly as possible. Working in this direction, we spent time on one little detail that is a great aid for users but often is overlooked—the little icon that appears next to the URL in the address bar of the browser.

The icon—called the favicon—is not just important for the browser’s address bar. It also is used in bookmarks, history and a number of other places in modern browsers. This handy little feature allows your website visitors to instantly recognize your site through the brand you provide with the icon…just the thing you need to help improve your site’s visibility with your users.

There are a couple of handy resources containing best practices for adding a favicon to your website. The site provides a great primer on the favicon and also allows you to inspect favicons on the web, including your own site. The stackoverflow developer site also includes a really nice discussion on best practices for the favicon and you should check it out for ideas about implementing the favicon to reach the most browser versions.

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