Handy DNS Troubleshooting Tool: MXToolBox

I often use the Microsoft NSlookup utility to get DNS information when I’m troubleshooting DNS issues. Once in a while, though, our internal network configuration causes inaccurate results because of VPN configuration settings. Today I worked with a handy online DNS troubleshooting tool, the MXToolBox SuperTool, and came away very impressed with its speed, capability and ease of use.

The MXToolBox SuperTool allows you to query and filter record types for any domain, including NS records, MX records and even WHOIS records. You can also verify connectivity over different protocols like TCP, HTTP and HTTPS! Give the tool a try if you need DNS troubleshooting as I’ve found it quite handy and easy to use.

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  1. Thanks so much for putting your thoughts about our Free DNS Tools up. We really love our tool and always appreciate the feedback. Did you also know that our Server Monitoring tool can send you automatic alerts if there is an issue with any of the commands you run?


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