The Importance of Form Building in IAM Solutions

Needs around provisioning, deprovisoning, and updating users and other objects in Active Directory are different from company to company and different for different user roles even for the same company.  The importance of form building in IAM  solutions follows from this fact.  People need to be able to build and edit forms without scripting.  Hence technical inclination should not be a requirement.

Giving up server access to operating system tools is not a safe or friendly alternative.  Providing easy to use web forms with validation and dropdowns to avoid typing mistakes reduce input errors.  Providing forms with pleasing visuals and helpful instructions is a good practice.

Most identity and access management software does not allow input mapping from web forms exactly the way you want them mapped into Active Directory and other directory technologies.   Even if they do most of this set requires coding or scripting knowledge.

Both Ends of the Solution are Important

Even if technologies are OK at helping you map to the backend, the front end is also important.  Forms should present users with modern, attractive interfaces that help them along to finish the task quickly and easily.

Web Active Directory’s PeoplePlatform works hard for you on both sides of the solution.  It allows flexibility in how you map inputs to your directory technologies.  It further allows you to easily customize the views on the front end to provide your end users with a great experience.  Input errors are minimized in the process and time over old manual processes is saved.  When considering an IAM solution look at the effort required to customize both ends of the solution.  Can you build forms with validation for your end-users without scripting?

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