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This article is about Changing the PeoplePassword Header Image and Stylesheet in Web Active Directory’s Active Directory Password Management solution.

  1. Open Windows Explorer.
  2. Navigate to the PeoplePassword installation directory, typically at %Program Files%\WebActiveDirectory\PeoplePassword.
  3. Open each of the web application directories–AdminCenter, EnrollmentCenter and RecoveryCenter–and navigate to the Images\Branding directory that contains images for each application.
  4. To change the banner image to your own custom image, simply replace the WadBanner.gif file in the Images directory with your own logo in GIF format.
  5. To change the look and feel of the application, use a CSS or text editor to open the MainStyle.css file in the Styles directory under each web application root. You can then modify the CSS selectors to customize the style sheet for your needs.  Note that you can also add your own CSS file(s) into the styles directory and work from there:  this is preferable when adding new styles since in the future when upgrading you can just carry these new files over to the new installation.
  6. Save the CSS file.
  7. Refresh the PeoplePassword application you modified to test and make sure you like your changes.

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