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You might want to move your PeoplePassword installation to a new server if you are changing your data center environment. Just follow the steps below and be sure to review system requirements and follow the installation instructions in the PeoplePassword download instructions before you begin.

  1. If you are going to reuse your current production database, go ahead and back it up in case you need to restore it after a botched installation. This shouldn’t happen but it’s handy to have in case of a problem.
  2. Right-click and run the PeoplePassword installation as administrator on the new server if you are on Server 2008, 2012, or 2016.
  3. When you get to the DB step where it asks you to choose a DB, point to your existing DB and catalog if you are reusing it. Otherwise, choose the server where you will install the new database catalog for PeoplePassword. You might need to ensure a couple of services are turned on for this to work properly and reference this article for help with this if you have problems.
  4. If using your existing DB, you can skip the step where the installer asks for a service account since this is already stored in the existing DB. If using a new DB, pick a service account from your domain that will change and reset passwords as well as unlock accounts. If you get an error resolving the account, refer to this article for help setting up the proper services the installer needs to find Active Directory accounts in your domain.
  5. Once the PeoplePassword installation completes, verify that your configuration settings in the Configuration Center are the same as before if you used the existing database. By pointing to the existing DB, the new installer should properly run the upgrade scripts so your DB matches the new installation of PeoplePassword. If using a new DB, just check to ensure PeoplePassword runs and has default configuration settings.

After you install the PeoplePassword instance on the new server and verify it’s running okay, go ahead and migrate any other customizations you’ve made.

  1. Grab your Web.config files from each of the four PeoplePassword web applications under the %Program Files%\WebActiveDirectory\PeoplePassword directory: AdminCenter, EnrollmentCenter, RecoveryCenter and WebServices. Copy each file to the same respective location on the new server.
  2. Copy your Logs directory from the %Program Files%\WebActiveDirectory\PeoplePassword root to the same location on the new server.
  3. Copy your logos and style sheets (if customized) to the new server following this article.

That should be all you need to get you up and running on your new PeoplePassword server. You can even leave your old instance of PeoplePassword up until you confirm everything works on the new server. Remember that you can change the IIS configuration settings on the new server–including IP address, host header and port numbers–to meet your needs.

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