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You might want to configure an automatic routing for users who fail IIS authentication to the Change Password web application in IISADMPWD Replacement Tool. You can configure IIS 7 to redirect users with a custom Error Page for certain HTTP error responses.

  1. Grab the redirect-401-1-auth-failure.htm file from the IISADMPWD Replacement Tool installation package you downloaded.
  2. Open the file in an HTML or text editor.
  3. Change the URL redirect value in the meta tag and inline text to the URL for the IISADMPWD Replacement Tool Change Password web application.
  4. Save the file and open it in a browser to ensure the link works properly.
  5. Drop the HTML file into your web application so it can be referenced easily from IIS.
  6. Now open IIS 7 manager to hook up the HTTP error page.
  7. Navigate to the site you are protecting using IISADMPWD Replacement Tool.
  8. Open the Error Pages configuration from the IIS section.
  9. Add a page for HTTP 401.1 errors and set the status code to 401.1. This is the error that usually occurs when IIS rejects an authentication attempt because a user’s password needs to change.
  10. Set the file path or URL for the new error page to the page you customized earlier. You probably want to use the File option if you have a static HTML redirect file.
  11. Add the new page.
  12. Before testing redirection, ensure that you have the proper feature setting for the Error Page redirection. To check this, from the Error Pages page in IIS Manager, click Edit Feature Settings and make sure Custom error pages is checked if you are testing this from the web server itself. If you are testing remotely, you can leave Detailed errors for local requests and custom error pages for remote requests is checked.
    Edit IIS Error Pages settings

Redirect users with failed authentication in IISADMPWD Replacement Tool

Now test the redirection by going to your web application and authenticating as a user whose password needs to change. You typically will need to try authentication and fail three times to invoke the redirection and ensure the browser is routed to the Change Password web application.


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