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You can secure the localization page for any PeoplePassword web application using the following procedure:

  1. Open Windows Explorer.
  2. Navigate to the PeoplePassword application directory, typically located at %Program Files%\WebActiveDirectory\PeoplePassword.
  3. For each of the web applications (AdminCenter, EnrollmentCenter and RecoveryCenter), you need to set the permissions for the localization page. Open the Web.config file for each respective application using a text or XML editor.
  4. In the Web.config file, locate the following node near the end of the file:
  5. By default, this section is commented out so remove the XML comment delimiters from around the element.
  6. Once uncommented, set the roles=”Everyone” value to the group or groups to whom you want to delegate access for managing localization. Make sure to include the NetBIOS domain name with the group name (YOURDOMAIN\Group Name) and you can include multiple groups by separating the group names with commas.
  7. Once you set your group access, save the Web.config file. Note that saving changes to the Web.config file will cause the web application to restart.
  8. Go to the Manage Localization page for the application and test to ensure that only members of authorized groups can access the page.

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