Move Files Between Computers Using Copy and Paste with Remote Desktop Services

I often work on different computers using Remote Desktop Services and the Remote Desktop client (over RDP, of course). I recently worked on a customer’s server this way and needed to move files back and forth from the customer’s server to my local machine. I tried FTP but the customer environment was too locked down. Same thing with my webmail options…no go. I even tried pulling down files on the customer side using HTTP from our website but this didn’t work either.

I then stumbled upon something I’ve used a few times before but will try much more often in the future. You can actually use copy and paste operations in many RDP scenarios to move files back and forth! Just try it and you’ll see. Copy a file from your local machine and then paste it into the file system on the remote session. You might have to use the right-click context menu for copy and paste instead of Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V but this will work in many instances.

More Information

Check out the following articles for more information about using the clipboard to copy and paste in a remote session.

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