Active Directory Password Expiration Notification

I’ve been in organizations where employees worked remotely either on their own computers or only connected over VPN connections periodically.  I’ve also been a consultant and used my own laptop on a corporate domain and not had my laptop as a member of the domain.  The problem with these users (and I’ve been one) is that they never receive notification that their password is going to expire, then inevitably the password expires and the only way to get back in to the domain is to call the helpdesk and have the password set (can’t use reset password when users are coming in via VPN).  Now there are a couple ways to deal with this.

  • Use PeoplePassword to allow end users to have self service password reset so they can fix their own password issues when they occur
  • Use PeoplePassword and PeopleMinder to send users email notification that their password is going to expire prior to it actually expiring and allow users to change their password prior

Contact Web Active Directory LLC and let us know how we can help.

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