Active Directory Reporting

Web Active Directory LLC has had Active Directory Reports as a part of our core product for a number of years. In a past career Active Directory Reporting was a big component of our IT audit performed by both internal and external auditors (Sarbanes Oxley reporting).  I continue to be amazed by the amount of information you can get out of reporting on Active Directory for auditing purposes or for just getting a quick view of what’s going on in your IT environment.  LDAP filters can be extremely powerful for Active Directory Reporting just the list of reports below.  Are there some Active Directory Reports that you have been asked for or would like to see?

User Reports

  • Accounts who are managers
  • Accounts with no logon script
  • Accounts with hidden mailbox
  • Disabled accounts
  • Accounts with change password at next logon
  • Accounts never logged in
  • Accounts with dial-in permission
  • Accounts without dial-in permission
  • Accounts with password not required
  • Accounts where password is expired
  • Accounts locked out
  • Accounts who are a member of 100+ groups
  • Accounts created in 2007
  • Accounts created in 2008
  • Accounts created in 2009
  • Accounts created in 2010

Group Reports

  • Groups without members
  • Domain Administrators
  • Enterprise Administrators
  • Administrators Accounts
  • Mail enabled groups
  • Mail enabled groups that are hidden
  • Groups with managers
  • Groups without managers
  • Universal distribution gropus
  • Universal security groups
  • All universal groups
  • Global distribution groups
  • Global security groups
  • All global gropus
  • Domain local distribution groups
  • Domain local security groups
  • All domain local groups
  • Groups with more than 4000 members

Computer Reports

  • Computers that have never logged on
  • Disabled computers
  • Computers that are domain controllers
  • Windows 2000 computers
  • Windows 2003 computers
  • Windows XP computers
  • Windows Vista computers
  • Windows 7 computers
  • Windows 2008 computers
  • Windows 2008 R2 computers
  • Servers
  • Workstations
  • Computers created in 2007
  • Computers created in 2008
  • Computers created in 2009
  • Computers created in 2010

PeopleUpdate and PeopleSearch are two Active Directory tools that provide robust reporting as well as many other benefits to help manage and update you Active Directory environment.  Contact us today at

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