Dynamic email signature that pulls from Active Directory

I’m sure if asked everyone could come up with a few reasons for having Active Directory kept with accurate information…but here is another one I came across.  The link below is to a script that allows you to create email signatures for your users in Outlook by pulling in the information that is kept in Active Directory.  So if you update Active Directory on a regular basis and/or allow users to use a delegated update to Active Directory like PeopleUpdate then this script has some real value to you.


It looks like the most logical place to apply this script would probably be a login script so that the signature is updated every time the user logs in.  If you are doing desktop virtualization then this is another powerful tool to automate the profile setup process.

If you are interested in delegating updates to Active Directory to your end-users, human resources department, etc then you should check out Web Active Directory’s PeopleUpdate product at http://www.webactivedirectory.com

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  1. Huevos De Oro

    check out this site to create dynamic email signatures – http://siggyfeed.com

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