How do the attributes in Active Directory Users and Computers (ADUC) map to the named LDAP attributes in Active Directory?

General Property Page

First Name                          givenName
Last Name                           sn
Initials                            initials
Description                         description
Office                              physicalDeliveryOfficeName
Telephone Number                    telephoneNumber
Telephone: Other                    otherTelephone
E-Mail                              mail
Web Page                            wwwHomePage
Web Page: Other                     url

Account Property Page

UserLogon Name                              userPrincipalName
User logon name (pre-Windows 2000)          sAMAccountname
Logon Hours                                 logonHours
Log On To                                   logonWorkstation
Account is locked out                       userAccountControl
User must change password at next logon     pwdLastSet
User cannot change password                 N/A
Other Account Options                       userAccountControl
Account Expires                             accountExpires

Address Property Page

Street                              streetAddress
P.O.Box                             postOfficeBox
City                                l
State/Province                      st
Zip/Postal Code                     postalCode
Country/Region                      c, co, and countryCode

Member Of Property Page

Member of                           memberOf
Set Primary Group                   primaryGroupID

Organization Property Page

Title                               title
Department                          department
Company                             company
Manager:Name                        manager
Direct Reports                      directReports

Profile Property Page

Profile Path                        profilePath
Logon Script                        scriptPath
Home Folder: Local Path             homeDirectory
Home Folder: Connect                homeDrive
Home Folder: To                     homeDirectory

Telephone Property Page

Home                                homePhone
Home: Other                         otherTelephone
Pager                               pager
Pager: Other                        pagerOther
Mobile                              mobile
Mobile: Other                       otherMobile
Fax                                 facsimileTelephoneNumber
Fax: Other                          otherFacsimileTelephoneNumber
IP phone                            ipPhone
IP phone: Other                     otherIpPhone
Notes                               info

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