Presentation Links: Free Active Directory Tools and Tips

WebAD is presenting today at the 17th Annual Technology Planning Conference for Region 10 of the Texas Education Service Center (ESC) in Richardson, Texas. The presentation highlights free tools and technologies that can help K-12 school districts manage their Active Directory environment, especially the automated creation, moving and deletion of student user accounts. Check out the notes below for additional resources for managing AD.

Active Directory Lifecycle Management: A practical guide to automating maintenance of your Active Directory environment

 Learn how to use free tools and technologies for common Active Directory management tasks. Automate account creation, bulk data updates and account deletion to synchronize AD data with your Student Information System. Employ free tools and technologies including CSVDE, LDIFDE and PowerShell to ease the burden of administration on your technology shop.


Introduction to CSVDE and LDIFDE

Introduction to CSVDE




Active Directory Explorer v1.42

ADSI Edit (adsiedit.msc)

Ldp Overview

Using Ldp.exe to Find Data in the Active Directory

Windows Server 2003 – LDP Support Tool Utility

LDP.exe | Query Active Directory Tool

PowerShell downloads

Scripting for Active Directory

PowerShell Scripting Tools

Welcome to – a free community for PowerGUI, a graphical user interface and script editor for Microsoft Windows PowerShell!

Introducing the Windows PowerShell ISE


Using LDIFDE to import and export directory objects to Active Directory

How to use Csvde to import contacts and user objects into Active Directory

Step-by-Step Guide to Bulk Import and Export to Active Directory


Windows PowerShell Blog

Windows PowerShell Owner’s Manual

PowerShell Scripts, Tips, Expert Advice & Training, Forums, and Resources

PowerShell Pro!

Tutorials and educational resources like a script library, esp. for AD management.

General AD

LDAP Query Basics

Search Filter Syntax

Binding to Active Directory Domain Services


Active Directory

About Active Directory Domain Services

Active Directory

Active Directory Administrative Center: Getting Started

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