Webinars for Windows IT admins from Apple and Mac OS X

I found this link on Apple.com today that provides free virtual webinars for IT admins needing more information about how to properly integrate Mac OS X users into Active Directory.  Here at Web Active Directory, we are constantly talking to customers that have a growing number of Mac OS X users that need to logon to their domain, update their active directory data, or reset their passwords. 

Because all of our solutions are web-based, there are typically no issues inplementing tools that help you manage your active directory.  The issues typically lie in how the Mac OS X users are authenticating.

The link to the Apple main virtual event website is: http://bit.ly/anc498

From there you can click on the relevant webinars that you may want to attend.  There is a specific “Directory Services” event that may be particularly helpful… And good luck with those MacHeads out there!

For more information contact us at www.webactivedirectory.com, or call us at (+1) 800-747-3565

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