Web Active Directory LLC Announces PeopleNexus

Dallas, TXMarch 3, 2016

Web Active Directory, LLC/- Web Active Directory, LLC releases a new product that continues to extend its growth into the Identity Management space.

PeopleNexus is a simple-to-deploy, intuitive role-based Microsoft Active Directory account provisioning solution that allows you to create, update, and remove (or disable) user accounts in bulk along with an optional Exchange mailbox, Google Apps/Gmail account, and/or Office 365 account , home share directory, and more. “Bulk provisioning, de-provisioning, and updates can all be done ‘hands free’ using scheduled jobs or can be done manually via the user interface” stated Robert Baptist, CTO. He continued, “we learned this strong need applies across different industries, but especially the educational market because of the ongoing changes to student and staff Active Directory profiles.”

PeopleNexus empowers you to create and update users in your directory from data that you have in your Enterprise. Creating input and output mappings makes the process of linking Active Directory to your data sources easy without the need for your input source to have data for every field in your directory that you want to fill. Administrators have complete control over where the new account is created in active directory, group memberships, as well as home shares, Exchange, Google, or Office365 mailboxes and manager information as well as control of how users are matched and updated if they already exist.

Baptist stated “This latest product release allows us to continue our momentum into the Identity Management space. It also confirms our customer driven philosophy for our ongoing product development. This will continue to be shown throughout the coming year as we release new software versions and offerings from Web Active Directory.”

About Web Active Directory, LLC

Web Active Directory provides an Identity Management platform web-enabling Active Directory technologies. We provide software and services on premise or in the cloud saving money and time for IT technologists and empowering end-users not to be beholden to them. For more information, please visit: www.webactivedirectory.com.

Russell Moratelli
Web Active Directory, LLC
Phone: 469-616-3477


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