Web Active Directory LLC Releases PeopleAudit

Web Active Directory, LLC releases PeopleAudit providing robust analytics and auditing.

Dallas, TXFebruary 21, 2017

Web Active Directory LLC Releases PeopleAudit


The PeoplePlatform suite of products provides both an analytics and a workflow engine called PeopleFlow.  Together, these make PeopleAudit.  Construct the specific reports you need (with graphs) without scripting, coding, or using Excel.  Run these web-based reports when you want and export the data where you want.  Control who can see or run different reports with configurable role-based security.  The workflow engine provides the ability for hundreds of agents to work for you monitoring your directory and performing maintenance tasks.

“Invoking a more robust analytics and audit solution will help customers have better insight into their Active Directory but also allow for auditing through easily configurable web forms,” says Keith Nordin, CEO.  He continued by stating, “the advanced directory analytics without the need to write scripts is unlike any other Active Directory auditing solution in the market.”

The company continues to grow PeoplePlatform, driving a complete Identity and Access Management solution.   Solutions within the platform include PeopleAudit, PeopleFlow and provisioning/updating solutions, PeopleNexus and PeopleProvision.  Growing the capabilities of these solutions has been the driving force of growth for the company.  The company is a leader in web enabled Identity and Access Management.  Upcoming versions will continue this mission.

Speaking about PeopleAudit futures, Robert Baptist, CTO stated “We are committed to developing products to be responsive to our customers and prospects.  Around these solutions, we’re developing an open framework to cater to the recognized need that everybody’s directory is managed differently.  PeopleAudit continues this philosophy giving power to administrators to make it what they need it to be.  We are trying to minimize the struggle to do this for admins.”

About Web Active Directory, LLC

Web Active Directory provides an Identity Management platform web-enabling Active Directory technologies. We provide software and services on premise or in the cloud saving money and time for IT technologists and empowering end-users not to be beholden to them. For more information, please visit: www.webactivedirectory.com.

Russell Moratelli
Web Active Directory, LLC
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