Web Active Directory LLC Releases PeoplePassword 4.4

Dallas, TXJune 14, 2016

Web Active Directory, LLC/- Web Active Directory, LLC releases a new product version of PeoplePassword that allows for a more mobile friendly experience.

Web Active Directory’s PeoplePassword solution empowers your organization’s users to take control of Windows password management.  The solution allows users to recover their Windows passwords and unlock their Windows accounts without calling the help desk, freeing IT staff to accomplish other activities.  The help desk can also optionally be leveraged to help users more efficiently if they need to reset or change their password or optionally emailing them a link that will help them do so themselves.

PeoplePassword supports two-factor authentication allowing you to more securely have users identify themselves before affecting their authentication.

In the PeoplePassword v. 4.4 release, Enrollment, Recovery, and Help Desk Centers now have a responsive user interface that provides a great experience for the user whether they are using smaller mobile devices to tablets on up through desktops to use the application without the need to manually zoom or scale their screens.

“In the mobile environment we now live in, it’s critical users have a good experience managing their accounts and passwords on their mobile devices” stated Keith Nordin, CEO.  “Many of our customers are moving into a tablet friendly work space and the majority of our educational institutions simply demanded this enhancement.  Since we pride ourselves in having a customer-centrist culture, we responded accordingly” Nordin stated.

Robert Baptist, CTO stated “in the next release, later this summer, we will also support SMS code verification as an added feature for firms looking for additional security for resetting passwords.  We’ll allow administrators to make that a part of their two-factor authentication or make that their sole source of user-identification according to their preference.”  Baptist finished stating “While many of these features are driven by expectations of cutting edge technology, we always put the feedback and needs of our customers first.”

About Web Active Directory, LLC

Web Active Directory provides an Identity Management platform web-enabling Active Directory technologies. We provide software and services on premise or in the cloud saving money and time for IT technologists and empowering end-users not to be beholden to them. For more information, please visit: www.webactivedirectory.com.

Russell Moratelli
Web Active Directory, LLC
Phone: 469-616-3477


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