Web Active Directory’s PeoplePlatform in One Minute

Web Active Directory’s PeoplePlatform in One Minute


It’s difficult to describe all of our platform can do in one minute, but we tried. Hence, Web Active Directory’s PeoplePlatform in One Minute video.

Web Active Directory offers identity management solutions to solve real business problems. Our goal is to deliver a tangible return on investment for you. With that in mind, our suite of products, PeoplePlatform continues to evolve, becoming the prevailing solution organizations look to for their identity management needs.

Web Active Directory’s PeoplePlatform is the gold standard for your Active Directory provisioning and deprovisioning needs. Also, the user, group, as well as password management solutions are utilized with great success in organizations across the globe.

PeoplePlatform is an easy to deploy, easy to use solution with enhanced analytics and workflow engine called PeopleAudit.   Administrators can quickly construct detailed specific reports with graphs without scripting, coding, or using Excel.  PeoplePlatform also contains PeopleFlow, a workflow engine designed to facilitate processes around approvals for directory management and scheduling automated tasks.



While a one minute video can’t do justice to what nearly two decades of development on an identity management solution will do, we still wanted to try.

If you haven’t looked at Web Active Directory lately, we encourage you to take a second look. We’re confident PeoplePlatform will meet your requirements and do so with a tangible ROI. Experience what companies and organizations across the world have enjoyed using PeoplePlatform.

Learn more how you too can achieve an ROI by automating your Active Directory user and group management needs by using Web Active Directory’s PeopleUpdate and the full suite of products in PeoplePlatform. Contact an account manager for more information!


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