Deprovisioning Security Concerns

The need for provisioning employees and students in education and seasonal industries is often clear. When new students enroll or employees or hired they need accounts to be productive.   Because it’s not critical for immediate productivity, deprovisioning in many cases never happens.

IT follows certain procedures during the provisioning process, but all too often is not notified when someone changes roles or leaves the organization.  The terminated individual will continue to have network access and accounts on one or more systems unless proper deprovisioning takes place.

Removal of email accounts is often missed.  I am surprised as a sales/marketing guy at the number of replies I get from folks I reach out to who respond that they haven’t worked for the organization in years.  People often reveal they have retired or quit while other times the reason isn’t clear for the status change.  My initial thought is why do they still have access to their email accounts?  The second reaction is what else do they have access to?  Orphaned accounts active within live business systems should terrify organizations.  We can help companies with establishing deprovisioning processes by automating the process and eliminating human error.

Automate the Process

The question is how we do make deprovisioning and updating profiles as standard as provisioning?

Allowing for managers, HR, or IT to easily deprovision or update these accounts using a simple web form is the best solution in our experiences with customers and prospects.  Some customers like to do this in bulk as well.  It allows for a user friendly experience and requires minimal time, easily incorporating deprovisioning into the daily routine.

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