PowerShell Script Error for AuthorizationManager check failed

I was recently working in a client environment and running a PowerShell script that calls a bunch of other scripts on the file system using the dot sourcing technique. The scripts run fine in a number of other customer environments as well as our test environment but I kept seeing an “AuthorizationManager check failed” when several scripts were called from the main script.

I messed around with permissions for while and then drank a few beers to see if things with PowerShell were now better. The PowerShell wasn’t better but I felt okay with the addition of the beers. I still needed to find a solution, though, and decided to approach this fresh after a few days (and possibly more beers!).

With a fresh approach, I found a simple post that sprung the entire solution for me. I had used Internet Explorer (I know, I know…I was on a Windows Server 2008 R2 box in a customer environment…not much choice there) to pull down a few PowerShell files over HTTP from our website. Guess which files I pulled down using IE. Yep! You betcha…the very script files that all failed when the AuthorizationManager calls ran! Needless to say, you should unblock PowerShell script files downloaded using IE, even if they’re from your own web site!

The key is to unblock files that you’ve downloaded so PowerShell will run them

Check out the screen shot below to make the simple unblock from the PowerShell script file properties. Just right-click the file and choose Properties from the context menu.


  1. Yohann

    Awesome! This worked for me. I did set the ConfigurationWizard executable to run as administrator for all users before I found this post; not sure if that helped but nothing changed until I unblocked the scripts.

    Thanks for taking the time to publish this solution.

  2. Mark

    OMG Thank You!

  3. Thanks. Just what I was looking for. Worked like a charm!

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