Resolve Subversion Tree Conflicts

I’m working on a Subversion-controlled project right now and have been moving between a laptop and a desktop. I ran into an issue today with a tree conflict and could not update or commit changes for a particular folder. I don’t even have a branch or anything else to merge; I just ended up with a folder in a conflicted state.

After futzing around with the issue for a while I found the solution in a great post on Stack Exchange (of course!). The solution is actually very straightforward and you can resolve it from the command line or using the TortoiseSVN client options in the right-click context menu.

To resolve the issue using the command line, run the following command where . is the directory in conflict.

[sourcecode] svn resolve –accept working -R .

Using TortoiseSVN, right-click on the offending directory and select Resolved from the context menu. Now you should be able to commit or update to your heart’s desire!

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