Resolving Issues Checking ASP.NET Projects into Subversion with TortoiseSVN

We recently created a new project in Visual Studio 2010 and checked the box to add the solution to source control when creating the solution (we use AnkhSVN for VS integration w/ Subversion). This worked fine until I actually tried to check the solution into SVN. Visual Studio created an extra folder for the solution and this caused the import process to create incorrect files in the repository. I fixed things locally by deleting the extra folders and moving the files I needed around. I then had an issue with Subversion when trying to add the parent folder to the repository since the parent folder was outside the Visual Studio solution. I kept seeing a “<MyPath> has no ancestry information” message in this scenario.

To fix things, I used the following solution to sync up my local file system with the SVN repository.

  1. Use the TortoiseSVN Repository Browser and created the structure you want in the repository.
  2. Delete the parent folder and all child solution items and resources locally on your file system.
  3. Check out the parent folder from the Repo Browser and pull down all the files from the repository.
In the future I may not use the Visual Studio option to add the solution to source control since it ignores the parent folder when adding. It’s just as easy to add the solution to the repository through the TortoiseSVN client on the file system and avoids a minor headache or two.

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