Cloud CRM Options

We’re looking at new cloud-based CRM options and we’ve identified several reputable vendors in the space. Part of the challenge in moving from our current CRM solution is that we want to preserve some advanced capabilities like auto-responding to form submissions while getting a good web-based user experience.

The current system has a host of features we never touch and it seems each release adds more useless features. I get annoyed at the poor usability of basic features we use every day like reviewing activity history for a prospect or following up on cases. The usability of these features has not improved in the four years we’ve been with our vendor and we’re tired of the bloat of more and more useless features at the expense of basic usability.

So, please chime in with your thoughts and experience with your hosted CRM vendor. Do you love them or hate them? What do you like or dislike about them? What would you change if you could? Is the way we’re doing CRM just plain wrong in the first place and is there a better way?

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