Manage Windows Active Directory Passwords for a Distributed Workforce

In times past every worker in your enterprise had to use a locally-connected computer to log in to the Windows network and authenticate against Active Directory. Recently we’ve moved past this antiquity to using connections over VPN or even the open Internet to log into our Windows environment.

What does this mean for your Windows and Active Directory passwords? How do users know it’s time to change their expiring passwords? What if your users are not notified that their passwords are expiring because they never log in to a domain computer? Are you producing more help desk calls by having a distributed workforce?

There is an answer to help your users manage their passwords. Web Active Directory offers solutions that cater to sending password expiration reminders using email as well as allowing users to reset Windows passwords without having to connect to the domain. These solutions let you manage your domain for your internal network needs while still serving your external users.

Check out PeoplePassword to allow users to change their password and look at PeopleMinder to help remind users that their Windows password will expire soon…even if the users never log into your Windows network! You will engage your off-site users and decrease your help desk calls.

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