Terminal Server CALs for your MSDN license

If you are the proud subscriber to MSDN and you’re wondering where your Terminal Server or Remote Desktop Services CALs are, then this article is for you.  I’m personally very big on the Desktop Virtualization movement, of which Remote Desktop Services (RDS) / Terminal Services (TS) plays a part.  At Web Active Directory I’m just experimenting with some ways to help our sales and support team be more efficient and looking at some Citrix and Microsoft Virtual Desktop options to do so.



  1. Nilanjan


    I just called Microsoft and was told categorically that I would need to purchase cals. This article doesn’t explicitly say that you don’t need to purchase cals.

    Were you able to get terminal server working?

    – Nilanjan

  2. Thanks for your feedback, Nilanjan. The person who wrote this article is no longer with our company but I can tell you that we never did implement this feature for demos. Our company is an MSDN subscriber, though, so it looks as if you just need to provide your MSDN subscriber ID and ensure that you are using terminal services for demo purposes only with non-production data. Only if these conditions are satisfied can you take advantage of the “free” CALs.

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