Automate Provisioning in Active Directory

Manually provisioning new employees and students as well as updating Active Directory profiles is not uncommon in the workplace.  Because of this, the inefficiencies and inaccuracies in the content within Active Directory can be troubling.  Automating these manual processes often make the investment of a provisioning solution well worth it, but many organizations find an additional value of using a provisioning solution such as Web Active Directory’s PeoplePlatform because of their unique situation.

We speak with thousands of organizations and find each has different challenges but ultimately come down to helping them automate management of their Active Directory.  Automating mundane, tedious and error prone directory management is paramount.  Some of these difficulties without automation can be:

  • Taking calls to add users to and from groups is costly
  • The loss of intelligence if the author of the scripts leaves the company
  • The loss of security when using Windows Server tools to update Active Directory because it gives no role-based visibility/editing of data
  • Updating Active Directory using conventional tools yields no notifications of audit history
  • No single source of ownership for accounts
  • No record or history unless someone chooses to do that manually in an ad hoc document or repository
  • De-provisioning profiles also lead to problems. Errors in de-provisioning result in security risks as former workers continue to have access to systems

There are multiple other challenges organizations face with manual processes.  And the challenges you face may be unique to your organization.

Benefits when you Automate Provisioning in Active Directory

Investing in a solution to automate these processes can provide the value organizations seek and eliminate the mistakes that occur with manual input of content.  The benefits of using an automated solution can be:

  • Allowing you to delegate group management quickly and securely
  • Bulk updates from your data sources run manually or hands-free saves a great deal of time and keeps systems in sync
  • Increased security by no longer providing users and groups access to Active Directory in its entirety
  • The ability to notify users when data changes leads to a more secure environment
  • Providing a single source of ownership for all accounts
  • Utilizing analytics and history on demand rather than through an ad hoc document or repository
  • Eliminating security holes by automating de-provisioning

You can find more information on organizational challenges of manually provisioning and updating Active Directory accounts here.

Let Web Active Directory help you with automating these manual processes.  Your challenge may be unique, but it will not be unique to us. Web Active Directory’s software has helped multiple organizations with unique challenges.   Contact us today and see how we can help you.

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